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After A Break-In: What Should You Do?

We considered our home as our shelter where we can find security and It’s the place where we create memories and share moments with our loved ones . 

Break-ins always happen unexpectedly and come with a big shock but it is always important to remember that we can get help from professionals who specialize in restoring our security after these incidents. 

Staying calm is definitely the right approach when experiencing a break-in and there are few steps that we recommend you should follow.

Stay Safe

Before going back into your home make sure the intruder is not there anymore and if you’re not sure do not enter!

Call the Police

Contact the police immediately and do not touch anything until they arrive as you might accidentally ruin critical evidence.

Document the Crime Scene

Take as much photos as possible and document any damages as it will be helpful for the police investigation and for insurance claims.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible and provide them ant necessary detail like police report number and any documentation you’ve have from the crime scene. 

Get Support

A break in can have an emotional impact on you so don’t hesitate to get any kind of support from friends, family or even professional if needed.

Secure Your Home and Protect Your Identity

Repair any damage to doors, windows and locks as soon as possible and consider installing a security system, by installing better lighting, high security locks, CCTV cameras and an alarm system are great steps to improve your home security.

If personal documents with sensitive information were stolen it is highly recommended to monitor your bank account for unusual activity.

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