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What To Do With Broken Car Key?

Imagine you’re rushing to your car to a social gathering with friends and suddenly your car key snaps in the ignition switch leaving you frustrated and stressed. There is no need to panic because broken car keys are a problem that can be easily resolved with the assistance of a certified locksmith.

Here are the reasons why car keys may break:

Car Lock Problems

Most of the time when a key happens to break while it was inserted into the a lock is because of the lock itself. A damaged lock can happen from few reasons like accidents or dirt inside the lock.

Damaged Car Keys

Sometimes it’s not easy to notice if your car key is damaged and over time your key may develop broken cuts that don’t fit well with the car lock. If you start experiencing issues with your keys as it not inserted as smoothly it’s a good idea to inspect the key for any cracks or dents in order to avoid causing more damage.

Car Ignition Problems

If your car keys are able to unlock the car but not able to easily start the engine it is possible that there might be an issue with the ignition switch. A locked steering wheel or a dead car battery could also be the reason behind this problem.

Damaged Transponder Chips

Transponder keys are responsible for transmitting and receiving radio signals to the car’s computer allowing it to start. In case there is a problem with the transponder chip and the signal to the ignition is not working and the car wont start.

To avoid a future broken car key situation we recommend on these 3 basic preventative measures:

  • In a freezing cold weather it is important to handle your car keys with delicate care.
  • Make sure to apply lubrication to the car locks and to your car key from time to time.
  • If you notice any signs of damage on your car keys it is advisable to get them replaced.

Who Should You Reach Out to For Help?

Car dealers have the ability to assist you with damaged keys and it might be necessary for you to arrange and cover the expenses for a towing service to transport your car to the dealership.

Another option when faced a broken car key situations is to get help from an automotive locksmith who specializes in creating and duplicating car keys.

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